12 June 2012

Candy Buffets & 3 Foot Balloons

Do you have a sweet tooth? WE DO!!! Candy & dessert buffets have become more and more popular over the last few years for a huge range of occasions, such as conferences, weddings, communions and 1st birthday parties. They can be themed, colour coordinated and customised with printed wrappers, icing & embossing. Gone are the days where we spend hours shopping and filling loot bags & picking out favours for our guests prior to your event. Instead, a dessert table is available at the party so your guests can pick their own favourites to take home with them. Mmm, all this talk of candy is making me drool!

As usual, there are endless possibilities to decorating your candy buffet with balloons. We’ve found the most popular is using 3 foot balloons as a backdrop for the table. Helium filled 3 foot balloons attached to a weight can sit on the floor behind the table. Not only are these balloons eye catching & bold, but they’re rarely seen at most parties so your guest will be blown away! Of course you can match the balloon colours and printing to your table theme. If you would like a bit more pizazz, we can add feathers, fairy lights, small balloon clusters, or turn the 3 foot balloons into gumballs which have 5 inch balloons inside.

If you don’t know where to start & aren’t sure if you want to DIY or hire everything complete, we did a quick Google search & found heaps of companies that specialise in candy buffets. Here are some Sydney based ones that we liked to get you into inspiration overload: